Vancouver - Residential buildings - 2016 © Roberto Polillo

Vancouver - Residential buildings - 2016 © Roberto Polillo


This edition is a 90 x 135 cm print on a Fine art Canson Infinity Platine Fiber Rag paper 310 g delivered with no frame. For any framing option, please contact the gallery for advise and cotation.

Ajouter Au Panier

« Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Vancouver, and Mexico City images belong to a large ongoing project called "Future & the City" (a limited edition preview book has been published in 2017). The goal of the project is to show the "seeds and signs" of the city of the future that can be seen in the largest metropolis of today. For this I went (up to now)to Dubai, Tokyo, Singapore, Mexico City, New York, Kuala Lumpur, Miami, Vancouver and of course Milano, which is not large but is the city in which I live and that is changing very rapidly in these times . Vancouver was selected because - even if rather small compared to the large metropolitan areas - is now considered one of the most liveable towns of the world. There are only a few "dramatic" skyscrapers, but a lot of tall residential buildings, like the ones represented here, which transmit a strong sensation of order and peace . So perhaps even this will be s part of the city of the future. The Abu Dhabi skyscraper is the most "inclined" building in the world (more than the Pisa Tower in Tuscany) it is very funny, because it is the only building in a large desert surrounding area. Of course, there was no goal of saving building space, they wanted to create something that could became a turistic attraction. And this is a typical trend of the new constructions. There is of course a photo of the Bury-al-Khalid's, the tallest skyscraper of the world, with its 830 meters. It is surrounded by the Dubai financial district. The photo was taken from a terrace in a nearby building.,this photo has been exhibited many times, and was used as the symbol of the 2017 Trieste Photo Festival, dedicated to urban landscapes. Architecture as wonder, as a most cited quotation by archistar Libeskind. The other Dubai photo shows an unusual proximity of beach and skyscrapers...Mexico City is another town which help you understand what the cities of the future will be like. It has an incredible set of skyscrapers, scattered in a metropolitan area of more than 25 million inhabitants. Here you can see a view of the town from the top of one of these skyscrapers. The city is so large that the view is almost "abstract": like a sea of buildings, in which you cannot identify any of them. The other image shows the characteristic form of the new Soumaya Museum, part of a futuristic area recently built by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, now one of the richest man in the world.»

Roberto Polillo