Venice - Giudecca Canal - 2015 © Roberto Polillo

Venice - Giudecca Canal - 2015 © Roberto Polillo


This edition is a 90 x 135 cm print on a Fine art Canson Infinity Platine Fiber Rag paper 310 g delivered with no frame. For any framing option, please contact the gallery for advise and cotation.

Ajouter Au Panier

«The 5 images of Venice have been selected among Many photos published in my book "visions of Venice" (skira, 2016), and have been shown in many exhibitions, including 3 large exhibition in Venice, Milano and Paris between 2016 and 2017. It is always difficult for an artist to choose the best among his works, but these are probably my best selection. A view of the Giudecca channel from the Giudecca island (the blue one), which shows a completely different Venice - while piazza San Marco is always super crowded, this island (only a vaporetto stop from San Marco) is a paradise of silence. Nobody is there.... the green one shows a view of San Giorgio island from riva degli schiavoni (near palazzo ducale). The sunset sun reflects on the waters, and the movement of the camera transforms each and any brilliant dot into a magical trace... I like it very much. The third is an old magazine booth. The sunset sun reflects on the posters and paints on the wall, and creates an explosion of colors. Venice is not a brilliant colors city, and this I like because it is very unusual... Then you can see a view of the Bridge of Sighs. This is from a little bridge on the back, it is not the usual view from the front. The last photo was taken in the Isle of Burano. This is a beautiful small island close to Venice. If we would find a word describing Burano, this would be "colour". The photo chosen here (I have many others) shows a Japanese girl with colorful clothes wandering among the colors of the streets. A magical moment.»

Roberto Polillo