My sweet misery - 2019 © Mika Jones

My sweet misery - 2019 © Mika Jones


Mika Jones is a Franco Ivorian artist, based in Ivory Coast.

He is the creator of an original comics character that he paints on Canvases. He used a lot of vivid colors in order to create some very expressive scenes based on a real life experience according to him. Through his abstract, figurative, and pop art style, he basically turns out feelings into ideas.

Throughout his journey, Mika Jones was exhibited the first time at the 1K Hotel in 2014 in Paris, then in January 2015 at one of the Marciano Galleries “28 Matignon Gallery” next to Christies located on Matignon Avenue in Paris. During the summer 2015, Mika Jones expanded his Parameters during the Mural Festival in Montreal, Canada with two major exhibitions and live shows. In December 2015, he for the first time been exhibited and still at Market Gallery in Miami during Art Basel.

Mika Jones doesn’t limit himself by only painting on canvases, he also started to paint on different supports such as clothes as he started branding and creating a name for himself worldwide.

" Art is for me an amazing self expression tool.I chose to challenge my creativity each and every chance I get. This led me to create an original comic character, one that is recurring in my work, in order to represent a scenery based on real life experience. What interests me in my field of work is to turning feelings into concrete ideas. As I truly believe that artistic freedom procures artists with the power required to do what we really love, and use it as an invigorating communication tool. "

Mika Jones

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