“Love in the air” by Garlun


“Love in the air” by Fernand Greco


“Any creative process starts with a meeting, a place, a person, a story” Fernand Greco.

Fernand Greco’s own words perfectly introduce this exhibition. Surprising figures, black, white, red, yellow, orange, but mostly on a steel basis. The artist also happens to be a doctor, whose almost obsession for steel material can easily be explained.

After a medical thesis on tetanus, using rust material appears to him as a way to fight against such an eroding disease.

With sculptures named “Meetic”, “french kiss”, “Je t’aime moi non plus“, “Yin Yang pour le meilleur et le pire”,”long kiss”, “Donne moi ta main”, LOVE is IN THE AIR of Movenpick hotel & casino Geneva.