La vague - 2016 © Christophe Jacrot

La vague - 2016 © Christophe Jacrot


After passing through Cinema, Christophe Jacrot returned to Photography

in 2017. His work is both connected to Humanist and Pictural

movements. His artistic approach is often compared to American street

photographers Saul Leiter and Elliot Erwitt, as well as Japanese etching

makers Hiroshige or Kawase Hasui, who have often represented rain and

snow. Rain, snow, bad weather display visual universes that often escape

from us, because we tend to run away from them in order to take shelter.

Christophe explains that he's choosing on purpose an emotionnal and

pictural approach : « my objective was to capture subtles lights, their

strong suggestive and narrative power ».His work was the subject for 4

books: « Paris sous la pluie », 2008 , Du Chêne edition; « Météores »,

2015, H'Artpon (Sold out); « Snjor », 2016, H'Artpon (Sold out); New

York in black, 2017 H'Artpon.

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