Gioconda - 2017 © Aurino Jottar

Gioconda - 2017 © Aurino Jottar


"Icons" series by Aurino Jottar puts on stage key figures of the world : Norma Jeane, Charlie Chaplin, Michael Jackson, Van Gogh, Hamlet, Venus , Basquiat, Magritte, Jimmy Hendrix etc.

While getting closer to the canvas, we discover incrustations of logos of different luxury brands and even jewelery on Norma Jeane canvas for example.

Aurino's investigations on brands begun ages ago in ancient civilisations, during which individuals found a way to identify their possessions from the others ones, by the use of geometric and random shape on objects.

In our contemporary world, those signs have progressed fron fonctionnal to synonym of banalisation and ostentation.

An individuals wearing a specific brand is perceived different from others. Materials the artist uses on his canvas are silk paper dedicated to inceneration. Then, he turns these papers into collage and with painting.

Aurino artworks question on the founding principles of image in our consumption society, on values icons of our society are made with.


Mix technique on canvas with acrylic and synthetic leather

Style : Contemporary, Portrait, Pop Art

H 120 cm L 90 cm

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