Revolutionizing passengers long waiting time in airports is the challenge set by B LOUNGE ART.

The concept this french startup  founded by Carine Biley in 2017 offers a very new artistic experience inside famous airport lounges.

Art exhibitions rolling every 3 months and introducing emerging international artists universes through solo-shows.

Here, a digital platform replaces the traditional art gallerist, introducing the artist, describing artwork displayed, and providing all these informations that gives a soul to any exhibition.

Cherry on the cake is that guests attracted to a piece of artwork are enabled to purchase it and to have it home delivered worldwide within a few clicks.

Fine art photographies, numbered, available in limited editions, UNIQUE CANVAS… a good opportunity to collect and to offer an original gift.

There is a double challenge for B LOUNGE ART that offers airport lounge managers means to offer a top of the range new service to their VIP customers.

It’s about tailoring a place with a very specific design that was not necessarily conceived to host art exhibitions, and also to match with lounge brandimage and policy requirements.

Seduced by such a concept DNATA has closed a deal with B LOUNGE ART, unveilING IT  on March 28th in the most beautiful Geneva airport lounge.

B LOUNGE ART was in charge  to create a very new art experience, tailored to the lounge and as well to their vip customers.

International artists like renowned Maia Flore, Isabelle & Alexis with their Blossom series, or Roberto Polillo with his photographies of cities reminding of paintings, were selected to take part of that very new concept, proposing a new art experience in such an unexpected place.

A new page is opened for travelers’ eveyday in airports, whose travel will start within the lounge from now.

A few months later, also seduced by the concept, 5 stars Movenpick hotel & casino Geneva confied artistic direction to its lobby to B LOUNGE ART.

Inviting Art invading the lobby, calling out to travellers or passerbys, stopping them interacting with them and making this new art experience an

entire option for hotel guests, as well as for Geneva art lovers, who are invited to attend openings, endings and other related events.

B Lounge Art concept will progressively be deployed in other airport lounges and luxurious hotels worldwide.



Selected for exclusive travellers

3 months rolling tailored exhibitions will be displayed making guests’ travel begin before the flight.

A great opportunity to discover new talents

A great opportunity to start a new art travel collection.



Working in pairs with artwork displayed

Business & first class lounge travellers will be invited to access www. d-lounge-art-experience.com

via their mobile phone or tablet

by scanning QR code near artwork displayed

For all past, current & future exhibitions:

·       Editions & prices

·       Making off scenes

·       Art shopping.



With free home shipping worldwide

Artwork on display is available for purchase. No need to carry it, you will be home delivered at your place.

Different secured payment options are enabled:

·       Credit Cards (Visa, American Express)

·       Paypal

·       Stripe

·       Bank transfer